Wednesday, November 14, 2018

#DECOART perfect relaxing time for moms

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Fall gives all of us that artsy feel and we start to enjoy  the joys of creating. I had a ball reviewing the DecoArt products. They have a wide range of colors including glow in the dark! The colors and shades are endless. I love the economy packages! If you are new to painting , you will be able to try and work with many colors to learn shade, color, etc.. so your work will look more and more professional. Remember practice makes perfect so if you have never painted I would suggest getting started today! If you are a professional and have skill Decoart has a beautiful selection of new colors etc.. you are going to go crazy looking through the catalog (click on the link above !!!) and trust me you will want and eventually get it all because they are so affordable! There is just soo much to say about these wonderful products .. I could be here all day I just kept and looking in the catalog and getting so excited about the endless possibilities of things to create! Art Deco paints are at Walmart and craft stores.  I fell in love with the tips you can put on the paints to make fine lines etc.. well with that Clay and I are going to be sharing some art we create on our youtube channel which is our vlog on our lives.. and so you will want to get some of these for yourself to share back and forth what you created as well! LOVE LOVE LOVE these products - Stay tuned we will be posting our creations all over the internet using #DECOART paint this fall! I did receive these products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Every Mom needs some #KTTAPE For her family!

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Clay and I are really active. Working on a little farm means you have to keep your strength up plus when winter comes we usually head over to the gym. Sometimes in all our activity we need something to help with muscle pain so it was great to be able to review KT Tape. What I love about this product is that it doesn't slow this active girl down. You can use this and keep going in your activities to get things done. You may be working on a sporting championship or perhaps working to bring in a haul with limited time this product is great! I love the comfort and the relief it brings. A definite must for all of us who are active! I did receive this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Rosewell Air Fryer Review

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I have been hearing about this new kitchen gadget called the air fryer so I was pleased to be able to review the Rosewill Air fryer. This is a amazing product. It uses no oil or very little which is much healthier for your. This fryer has a digital light up and temperature control. It also has a deep dish for a nice portion control. I love this product and recommend this highly. I give this product a 5 out of 5 stars :) 

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Buttpaste for a Happy baby

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When little ones get a diaper rash bring Butt paste to the rescue! This product starts healing on contact! Do you know that anyone that wears diapers (adult diapers) can get a diaper rash. This product will help keep the bums healthy and feeling good! The Butt paste site has lots of good products and helpful information on diaper rash check it out by clicking the link above. I did receive this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Sunday, March 4, 2018

Why we cancelled our garage sale

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I admit it.. I love garage sales! I love having them and throwing them. I thought it would be a great idea to throw a garage sale and get rid of our stuff..UNTIL my hubby said why go through all that? Yes, I do love my garage sales but with raising bees and doing some remodeling it really is a waste of a good weekend... namely Memorial day weekend. My goal really was to sell everything for a quarter. My husband may have adjusted the price but I feel so free just knowing I won't be doing garage sales anymore! I can proudly take the "junk" to goodwill and not feel guilty and enjoy a whole weekend! I wanted to share this story as sometimes we feel like we have a bright idea and if we sit down and think about it sometimes the thing we need to do is not only free our house but free our responsibilities and NOT FEEL GUILTY. I think most mom's like to help their families by bringing in the extras but somethings are better such as a picnic with the family or a day at the pool. So I am spreading the joy and encouraging all my fellow moms to be garage sale free (except do shop other garage sales so we can stay true to our inner nature of garage sale love!) 
Image result for room filled with stuff   I opt for the messy at hey if you find a good mattress you will find a place to put it eventually!

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Thursday, November 16, 2017

have you seen a #FOX lately?

There are all kinds of foxes world wide. The red fox is worldwide and you can tell them by the white tip on their tale. A friend to some and a foe to others. 

Today my tweets on twitter are brought to you be "The Fox" and I will be sharing about foxes all day.

A fox can take out a whole flock of chickens in a night and bite off their heads and leave their bodies although he will be back for the body later. 
The female is called a vixon 
A male a fox or dog
and babies are called pups or kits. 

Foxes can be made friendly but remember they are always a wild animal. 

If you catch a fox to relocate they will be scared and probably urinate on you, put a cloth over the cage to calm them down.

In the garden they say that a man urinating will deter them as they are territorial.. (whoever they are?) but heard this over and over so I thought it was worth noting. 

A fox will only live about 2 years in a city because of car accidents. 

They eat all kinds of things but do have a sweet tooth and like cake!

Foxes do not hibernate. Their thick fur helps them to stay warm their under fur is 1.5 inches thick -  Their biggest problem is if it gets hot they can get heat stress. They aren't as cold as you think in the winter. Hardly any heat escapes so they are actually quite toasty in the winter.

Image result for foxes curling up

They curl themselves up in a ball to make themselves smaller to stay warm.
Food helps them to stay warm - so they mark their territory daily to keep their food area secure and sometimes they are known as food scatterers as it appears they kill for fun.. but the idea is to save the food for later. They also dive into the snow and use their hearing to find food.. his ears can pick up the faintest scamper from beneath the snow the weird thing is he almost comes up empty handed unless he is facing north.. some scientist believe he is homing in on the earth's magnetic field for this for the north pole .. if that is so nearly 75% of time he will get food.. weird but scientist are still looking at this. Most carnivores are successful about 10% or 20% of time. 

They eat such things as people food... they like people a lot!
pet foot
small animals

A artic fox is twice as small as a red fox

Red fox are absent on Scottish islands.

Fox lives in dens under the ground. cubs are born blind and stay in the dens up to 2 months.

They mate from December to February and give out loud mating screams

They basically choose one mate. - They are mainly night creatures - They can also climb trees!

The fox will live about 10-15 years in captivity about 1/2 of that in the wild.

If you have to trap a fox here are the foods that you should put in ---> Fish, fresh or canned, honey or sugar covered vegetables, smoked fish, watermelon, sweet corn, cooked fatty meat, crisp bacon - always work with your local game warden for such matters.

  Chickens can be devasting to the garden and chicken coop relocating them is the best way.

Guess what Chickens usually eat at zoos? Baby chickens! - So you can see they love chicken! 


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